Intern Information

Probationary Certification Information

After acquiring an internship with a school district, apply for a Probationary Teaching Certificate.

To apply, students will need:

  • School district
  • Campus
  • Internship start date
  • Subject/grade

Steps for Probationary Teaching Certificate Approval:

  1. Submit the Intern Probationary Certification Information Form, according to your specific program.
  2. Submit your Application for a Probationary Teaching Certificate ($52 Fee).
  3. Expect probationary certificates the first week of August.
  4. Complete your digital fingerprinting.

TEA sends an email notifying you of recommendation. Your probationary certificate will be available in your Educator Profile in ECOS.

Finishing Your Internship

At the end of your internship, we will verify that you have completed all requirements.

You will receive an email notification from TEA confirming recommendation. Your certificate is available in ECOS within 3-4 weeks.

If you have any holds, tests remaining, or any problem with your record, we will notify you via email.