Certification Exam Information

Register for Exam

  1. Create a Pearson User Account (effective September 1, 2018)
  2. Register for TExES exam(s)

Pearson Testing Center – Bryan TX
D1 Sports Building, 2nd Floor
Phone: 979-731-4800

Passing Exams

Students must pass their content exam(s) for admission to clinical teaching. Failure to pass will result in denial of clinical teaching.

The State of Texas and the Texas Education Agency have a 5 test limit on all TExES exams.  Failure to pass within five attempts results in ineligibility for certification in your content area.

Content Exam Approval

  1. Complete Content Exam Information Form (TEA ID Required)
  2. Make sure the form and TEAL account have the same name, SSN, and TAMU email.
  3. Exam approval within 48 hours to TEA.

Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Exam

During the student clinical teaching semester, register and attempt the PPR exam.

TExES Testing Policy for Former Students

Former students may request test approvals for initial certification from the Certification Office up to one year after the date of graduation.  Any student requesting approval beyond one year after graduation will be required to successfully complete additional preparation materials before test approval will be granted.

Supplemental Exams

Core Subjects EC-6 Exam and No Child Left Behind Requirements

The Department of Education requires specific certifications to pass a Core Subjects exam.

Affected certifications:

  • Math/Science 4-8
  • ELAR/Social Studies 4-8
  • ELAR 4-8
  • Special Education EC-12

According to TEA, passing the TExES Core Subjects EC-6 will meet this requirement.

Please note:

  • Middle Grades certificates and the Core Subjects certificate are not given at the same time.
  • Recommendations are only given to your specific content area concentration.

Approval for the ESL Supplemental Exam

Automatic approval for the following certificates:

  • Generalist EC-6
  • Special Education EC-12
  • ELAR/Social Studies 4-8

Mathematics/Science 4-8 program may also be eligible. If they have completed the necessary coursework, have the advisor contact us for exam approval.

Certification Flow

  • Acceptance to EPP Program
  • EPP Provides Coursework & Training
  • Get Approved for Content Exams
  • Senior Methods Semester
  • Get Approved for Pedagogy & Professional Responsibility Exam
  • Clinical Teaching Semester
  • Apply for Standard Certificate & Complete Fingerprinting
  • Receive Bachelor's Degree
  • EPP Recommends Candidate for Standard Certificate

Approved Content Certification Exams

Content Area Concentration Approved Certification Exam(s)
Core Subjects EC-6 Core Subjects EC-6
ESL Supplemental
Mathematics/Science 4-8 Mathematics Science 4-8
Core Subjects EC-6
ESL Supplemental (if eligible)
ELAR/Social Studies 4-8 ELAR/Social Studies 4-8
ESL Supplemental
Core Subjects EC-6
Special Education EC-12 Special Education EC-12
Core Subjects EC-6
ESL Supplemental
Bilingual Generalist EC-6 Core Subjects EC-6
Bilingual Education Supplemental
Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test
Physical Education EC-12 Physical Education EC-12
Health EC-12 Health EC-12
Secondary Content Areas Mathematics 7-12
Ag Science & Technology 6-12
Science 7-12
History 7-12
LOTE - Spanish EC-12
English, Language Arts, Reading 4-8 English, Language Arts, Reading 4-8
Core Subjects EC-6

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the exams cost?
$131 per exam.
What dates are available for me to test?
Visit the ETS website for test dates.
Can I take two exams on the same day?
Yes. If you want to schedule two exams on the same day, you can. However, it is not recommended
Do I have to take my exams in College Station?
No. The exams are offered at many locations across the state and you have the choice to take them wherever is most convenient for you. We receive the results regardless of where you take your exams.
What do I do when the location I want does not come up as an option for the date I have chosen?
If you register to take an exam on a specific date and the test site you want does not come up as an option, it means the site is full and unavailable at that time.
Where can I change my test, test center, test date or test session?
Requests to change your test, test date, test center or test session can be made through the ETS online registration system.
Where can I find information to help me prepare for my test?

Free test preparation materials are available at:

What should I know about ID requirements at the test center?
Valid and acceptable identification with your name, signature and photograph is required for admission to a test. ID requirements are strictly enforced.
What security measures are taken at test centers?
You may be photographed and fingerprinted as confirmation of your identity. At some CAT testing centers, the use of electronic detection scanning devices (e.g., hand-held detectors/ wands) has also been implemented.
How soon after my test will my scores be available and where can I get help understanding my scores?
Score reports are mailed, and generally take two to ten business days to be delivered. Unofficial scores are available on the website by 5 p.m. CT on the score reporting date. Information about understanding your scores is included with your report.
If a fail a CAT exam, when can I register to take the same exam via CAT?
If you fail a CAT exam, you must wait 45 days prior to registering for the same exam.