Certification Process

Certification Programs

Elementary education

Secondary education

Health education


Professional Certification Disclosure

Certification Flow

  • Acceptance to EPP Program
  • EPP Provides Coursework & Training
  • Get Approved for Content Exams
  • Senior Methods Semester
  • Get Approved for Pedagogy & Professional Responsibility Exam
  • Clinical Teaching Semester
  • Apply for Standard Certificate & Complete Fingerprinting
  • Receive Bachelor’s Degree
  • EPP Recommends Candidate for Standard Certificate

You will need to create your Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) account.  This account will be your identification for as long as you are an educator in Texas.

You will use your TEA ID to register for exams and apply for certification.

Download Instruction Packet

Content Exam Policy

Students must pass their primary content exam(s) during their last semester before clinical teaching. Failure to pass will result in denial to student and clinical teaching.

Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Exam

During the student clinical teaching semester, register and attempt the PPR exam.

Pearson Testing Center – Bryan TX
D1 Sports Building, 2nd Floor
Phone: 979-731-4800

Final Steps

At the end of the clinical teaching semester, our office will review that you have completed all requirements:

Final Steps Checklist

You will receive an email notification from the Texas Education Agency if approved. Your certificate will be available online in your TEA profile.

The recommendation process may take up to 3-4 weeks after graduation to complete.

TExES Testing Policy for Former Students

Former students may request test approvals for initial certification from the Certification Office up to one year after the date of graduation.  Any student requesting approval beyond one year after graduation will be required to successfully complete additional preparation materials before test approval will be granted.