Apply for Certification

During your Clinical teaching semester, you will complete the following steps.

  1.  Confirm Completion of Certification Requirements and receive your letter of intent.
    • This step can be done at any point in your clinical teaching semester.
    • Letters of intent are intended to be attached to job applications.
  2. Submit your Application for a Standard Teaching Certificate ($77 Fee)
    • You may apply for certification after your final observation during your clinical teaching semester.
    • Complete the EPP Exit Survey as a part of the application for certification in your TEAL account.
  3. Complete digital fingerprinting.
    • The finger printing process will be initiated as a part of your application for certification in your TEAL account.
  4. Use the Teacher Certification Checklist to check that you are meeting all requirements.
  5. The recommendation process will not begin until graduation dates are posted in Howdy.

Receiving Certificate

At the end of your Clinical Teaching semester, we will verify certification requirements. You will receive an email from TEA informing you of recommendation.

Your certificate is available online in your TEA profile 3-4 weeks after graduation.

If you have any holds, tests remaining, or any problem with your record, we will notify you via email.